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Countdown to Our Next Event!








Newburyport: September Event

Join us this month for our Famous Artist Appreciation Drink 'N' Draw!  We thought it would be a good time to honor all of the artists throughout history that have engaged and inspired us. Join us at the Port Tavern on Thursday, September 27th anytime between 7-10pm to...

Newburyport: August Event

We are devoting our August Drink 'N' Draw to honor the life and music of the late great Aretha Franklin. Join us at the Port Tavern on Thursday, August 23th anytime between 7-10pm to give a little respect to the Queen of Soul and her music, along with a drawing...

Newburyport: July Event

As we hit peak of the warm season, it's time once again for a Summer Celebration edition of Drink 'N' Draw! Stop by the Port Tavern on  Thursday, July 26th anytime between 7-10pm or some sunny Drink 'N' Draw fun! We'll rock out to some of the best summer songs and...


Enjoy a cold beverage in a fun artsy setting! Locations for our Drink ‘N’ Draws include  The Port Tavern, located in downtown Newburyport, and Portsmouth Book & Bar. Both locations feature a relaxed environment with many options for the adult beverage of your choice.


Whether you have been drawing your whole life, or just to like to scribble the occasional doodle, all are welcome! Just bring your favorite drawing supplies and you can join in the fun. Feel free to draw the posed subjects or simply doodle something from your imagination. The choice is yours!

Be Drawn!

Would you like to be drawn by local artists? Well now’s your chance! Volunteers sit for 10 minute poses, sometimes with fun props, masks and wigs! If you like taking selfies, imagine how cool it would be to have your very own hand-crafted version!

Watch People Draw!

Just looking to hang out with a diverse of mix of creative folks? Come on by! You are not required to draw to join in the fun. Just hang out and enjoy the creative vibe while enjoying a cold beverage!

Looking for more information? Drop us a line!